The best running sneaker in history! Adidas Ultra Boost

Ultra Boost, the annual flagship released by adidas, is definitely the most popular running sneaker in the summer of 2015. No matter from its appearance design and the evolution of the shoe sole, Ultra Boost re-defines what is running sneaker in people’s heart. The design of the appearance of Ultra Boost completely walks out from the shade of the traditional running sneaker of adidas. The narrow but long lines of the shoe body make the perfect radian from leg to foot, showing a sense of beauty in sports. Up to now, adidas has updated to 3.0 version. Today, let us learn the difference of every generation of boost.

Adidas Ultra Boost 1.0

In the beginning of 2015, adidas released Ultra Boost, which was said to be the best running sneaker ever in history. It integrated three techniques, which are the pride of the brand: Primeknit technique, Ultra Boost middle shoe sole, and Torsion System technique. It is not only a breakthrough, but also an all—match in wearing as its simple lined shape. You can have the style of a combination of fashion and street popularity.

Ultra Boost 2.0

The biggest change of UB2.0 is that it changes to Continental ( a famous brand for tires). The big rubber shoe sole of the Continental brand shows its extraordinary performance in all kinds of lands. No matter in wet or dry land, it provides great road holding ability, which increase about 32% than other rubbers.

Ultra Boost 3.0

The shape of the sneaker inherits from the previous versions. However, the cage frame in the shoe body and two sides are changed. ultra boost 3.0 applies a half crystal design, and the patterns in the shoe face are also changed obviously. It uses PK vertical patterns, which makes the crossing of colors more obvious. It is also equipped with Continental big shoe sole, the comfortable feeling is strengthened. In one words, it is more fashionable and leisure.

It is really hard to recognize the sneaker at first sight from a far distance. But all the versions are all-matches. If you are buying this Ultra Boost but hesitating in choosing its version, I, here, will give you some personal suggestions. For running or sports, I personally prefer 2.0 version with stronger stability. 3.0 version is applied with the integrated design. It has better elasticity. The cage frames in sides get softer. It is more comfortable, and more relaxing.

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A pure white Ultra Boost meets all your desires at a time in the hot summer!

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