There are no big differences between the high quality Fake Yeezy Boost 350 and the real Yeezy 350?

Before discussion, the Fake Yeezys Boost 350 sold in the market can be put into three types:

1. Yeezy 350 general version. The appearance of the sneaker looks quite similar to the real ones. However, if you take a closer look at the sneaker, you can tell that the processing, glue injection, lines are different. The wearing feel is much worse than the real ones.

2. Yeezy 350 BASF boost version. The raw materials used are exactly the same as the real ones as same suppliers are chosen. Those manufacturers who can make BASF boost are very experienced as those who don’t know the sneakers well or only know a little about sneakers can hardly tell the BASF boost from the real ones from their materials.

3. The Best Fake Yeezys 350. In fact, the imitation has been very similar to the real ones. However there are some people always pursuing for the better. Personally I think that there is almost no difference between the highest imitated version and the real ones. If you have to find some differences, you can make a comparison between the ways of glue injection in the soles of the sneakers. Those who are interested can buy both the real one and the high faked one to check. Of course the highest faked ones are almost the same as the real ones from both their appearances and the wearing feels.

Next, there are some pictures of the highest faked version for you, showing details of the sneakers.