Fake Yeezys Boost 350 in China are definitely perfect!

Kanye’s Yeezy 350 Boost has been regarded as the dream of every sneaker fan recently. However, if you don’t lucky enough to get one on the selling day, now it is really expensive for you to get one!

What’s worse, what if you buy Fake Yeezy? That’s disgusting! Have you ever imagined that the Yeezy you wearing when walking in the streets might be a fake one?

Except those who happen to buy high imitated ones, many sneaker players are going for the high replicas as the high imitated manufacturers in China are so experienced and skillful.

Next, let’s see how the experienced high imitated manufacturers in China show the perfect replicas. What a high level imitation!

The professional replica master in some online shopping store

The first are the elite team from Putian. They claim that they have been in this field for several years and that the team has grown from several persons to 13 members.

They enjoy a high reputation in the field. The pre-book of highest imitated Yeezy 350 Boost is just released, and there are already 154 orders.

This excellent replica team is not only focusing on the high level imitation. They can also easily deal with the middle level imitation, and perfect imitation, meeting different needs of customers. What’s more, they put the detailed explanations of the different level imitation on their front page.

Looking at their works, you can hardly tell them from the real ones.

Once there is fake, there must be anti-fake activity. Based on the analysis from the fake and real sneaker study center, we make a teaching lesson for telling the fake from the real STEP BY STEP.

We hope that you can have sharp eyes in the trends of replicas after you learnt the skills.

1. Rings at the shoe end
Real:the distance between the ring and shoe neck is short

Fake:distance is long, and the manufacturing is rough

2. primeknit and stitch

left:the real one has intensive stitch, and in one line. Every part is in X shape or in a square shape

right:grey and black crossing, the stitching in the middle is rough and not straight

3. insole

left:fabric of good quality with Black LOGO

right:low leveled replica, white LOGO

4. Downside of insole

left:Downside of insole of the real one is black with lines

right:cheap insoles for the fake one, with adidas LOGO on it

5. YZY letters on sides

left:real one has relatively small letters, but very exquisite

right:fake one has very large letter!

6. adidas original LOGO

left:real one has relatively small logo, but very exquisite

right:somehow the fake one has the larger size of the LOGO

7. Shoe marks

left:the real one has very clear shoe mark

right:the fake one doesn’t have the format, and letters “SAMPLE” are added.

8. inside of insole

left:for the real one, after taking out the insole, you can see a black STRAP in the shoe sole

right:for fake one, you can only see the disordered stitch after taking out the insole

9. shoe box

left:the real one use the simple box of original color

right:there is no more explanation for the fake one. For now, the fake one has very similar shoe box, and there is no use to tell the differences.